Acrylic paintA3

This piece is about the (mostly male) gaze in everyday life. Whenever we see, or are seen by, others we are not neutral. Our brain make assumptions and judgements, our faces react before we have time to make up our conscious minds. Over time the seeing and the seen are changed by the very act of looking. People and identities become altered and defined partially by this build up of cultural feedback. I found the image this piece is based on whilst looking through the mounds of uncared for photographs occupying my father’s attic. There were images of people I did not know, events and relationships that started and ended before I was even born. As a student of archaeology I was fascinated. Not only by the content, but also by the photos as objects and artefacts. I wanted to interact with them in my own way, and to add to the already present layers of relationships present. This particular image seemed, to me, to encapsulate a whole generation of gaze. The inherited impact of thousands of interactions, and the politics behind them. These interactions surely affect how I am seen, and see, even years later.