June 13, 2020

Who’s a good boy?

Mary Trodden, 43

I started this painting shortly before the 2020 covid lockdown. I had intended to make a work about dogs, what they represent and the results of miscommunication. In isolation for 2 months I found the painting took on an intense scrutiny that wasn’t ordinary for me… It became symbolic like an illuminated icon… Like pressure exerted in a vacuum or how the medievalists thought you projected the world from your eyes… I think the environment of the scene is quite miasmic, a fluid war between what is nature and man made… The man in the painting is some kind of scientific researcher… He has found an equation that holds the key to solving a great crisis… There is a tiny goddess or saint riding a white dog… She is either causing the crisis or pointing to it’s resolution…She gestures toward a grave, she emits a DNA sequence or visible noise. The dog is a being that speaks a different language, he understands a language of nature through smells and form and posture; he accepts possibility without moral judgement… He seems like he has awareness of permanence, memory and systematic learning but his objective in living is fulfilling desire.

The Counterplan, 2020Acrylic, Mixed Media, Paper, Canvas91cm x 76cm x 2cm