Perfect love drives out fear.

In an age when we are constantly searching for an identity, a place to belong, even if we do not chose it, we are all given a label. For many it is something we cling to. Others may try to rid themselves of it. How we are perceived has now become the building blocks and bulldozers of our lives as individuals. So when we are labelled as stupid, ugly or worthless it can be earth shattering.

We are in constant fear of being negatively labelled or perhaps not living up to the standards expected of our distributed identities. However as children of a loving God we are set free. I have abandoned all labels and have adopted and accepted one we have had all along. I find my identity in Christ as the one Jesus loves. Again our identities are now what others perceive of us rather than who we truly are. If it is true that I am loved and protected by the God who died for me and that perfect love drives out fear, then tell me, whom shall I fear?


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This piece is a part of a series for my advanced higher project in which the theme I have chosen is faith and relationship.