March 9, 2020

Who would you be if the world hadn’t made you who you are?

Katie McMinn, 32

Some people may relate to this piece as being about suicide or depression. However for me this artwork was about moving forward. Childhood trauma changes your life and your soul forever, it holds you back and suffocates your heart, confidence and potential. For me painting this as an adult was about unravelling the rope and letting go. Rediscovering light and joyfulness at the end of a dark outstretched tunnel. The noose characterizing the closing of a hollow chapter, and the flowers portraying the regrowth and beginnings of a bright new one. The values here put forward the difference between “termination” and “determination” and suggests optimism in a place of dysfunctional reality. Thank you for taking the time to view and read about the meaning that went in to this art work.

Reawakening, 2019Watercolour/Acrylic30cm x 80cm