Oil paint on linen boardWho will you become? - Humouring Me, 202019cm x 25cm

This portrait of my son, by his bedroom window, started as a simple exercise to capture his likeness at an age when he is still prepared to humour me, just.  As such, it is an unremarkable addition to the long-standing tradition of mothers painting their children. I was unprepared for my emotions as I painted. So very different from taking yet another casual photograph.  Each feature was familiar, yet the more I looked the less certain I was of what – or whom – I was seeing. The visceral memory of life within me, now transformed into a full person, wholly separate and individual. It took me aback. I think I know him now but I cannot be certain.  What is beneath the surface?  Who will he become?  Painted before the COVID-19 lockdown, now a picture of a child staying indoors by his bedroom window takes on a broader significance.  How will this experience change us? We are behind our curtains, forced inward. Who will we become? Who will you become?