January 11, 2019

Who were our grandparents before we knew them?

Louise Bichan


It wasn’t until after her death that I really considered what my grandmother’s life was like as a young woman growing up in Orkney. I regret not spending time listening to her stories, and those of my other grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Upon discovering that she had spent six months travelling round Canada as a young woman, I decided to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps and get to know her and my extended family. I found inspiration in her diaries, photos and correspondence, in a recording of her singing, in the memories of her Canadian cousins and in retracing her steps from Orkney to Canada and back. The result is a recording of new compositions, a photographic book and some short films, all which tell her story; one of love, loss, strong family bonds and difficult decisions. As a result, I feel closer to my grandmother and understand more about myself than I did before embarking on this journey.

Out of My Own Light