November 15, 2021

Who the Hell Are You?

Damian Tremlett

Acrylic on BoardWitnessing Caravaggio, 202146x76cm

We look out onto the wonderful and bizarre global circus in front of us called life. We experience its joys and sufferings, we’re absorbed by its politics, it’s heady dramas, and our concerns for wealth and status, but few know who it is that’s experiencing this. You probably answer “me” , or “I am” but do you know who that “me” is? Underneath all assumed roles and responsibilities, under your ideas and beliefs, under your skin, behind your eyes, who are you? This painting plays with the Caravaggio scene of Christ’s body. It provides you, the observer, a small window to look out onto this drama. Painted on an waste materials, I add or tweak details including the gender of the figure representing Jesus, does this entice, inspire, excite or offend? And if so, then who is it exciting or offending? The “drama you” that’s made up of imagined responsibilities, sensibilities and beliefs? Or the you that watches quietly from within? That same silent one in each 7 billion of us? Can art challenge our experience of reality? Does art for any other purpose merely add to the allure of the heady drama itself? Can art set us free?