January 18, 2022

Who Made Up These Rules Anyway?



My entry communicates the never ending need to succeed, to be someone. All of the pressures that we’re put under from a young age. The pressure to study, the pressure to get a good job, have a good career, have children, buy a house, even drive. It’s getting worse by the day, and we are intrinsically wrapped around this toxic productivity. It’s hard to be positive, and difficult to be happy for others. We all have mental health issues, but it’s cool now, cos we can talk about them, right? If only that cured everything. We focus on everything we don’t have and are in constant competition with one another. We lie to each other everyday, so we can pretend we live in ‘Pleasantville’ – and no-one likes a grump. Unless you know, it’s a successful artist or musician. Then it’s cool, right? It’s sad and tragic, and we love it. We’re all so incredibly disconnected, it’s actually insane, but we don’t talk about this, because the most important thing is feeding the ego, and so the question remains – is a person ever truly altruistic? Are acts ever truly altruistic? I guess we’ll never know.