FilmSeeing the Sun, 2020

The act of looking above is usually associated with hoping to see the light, bright sun rays and feeling joyful when catching the glimpse of a rainbow after a rainy day. There is almost something holy, intimate and spiritual within peoples’ eyes when they lift their heads up. We generally bind the sky with appearance of the God, a miracle or the light that guides us in the right direction. When I walked through Glasgow Central Station once, I mentioned that a whole crowd is staring at notice boards announcing train times with so much care. People’s face expressions, gestures were so interesting to observe that the background’s noise did not matter. I decided to film the scene and experiment with cutting the figures out from its environment. The value of this short film however lays within the context . Capturing all the emotions, but Where do all these people travel? Who are they going to meet after overcoming that distance that separated them? or who are they going to give flowers to cheerfully hugging on the platform. There is so much love towards the others within ourselves that keeps us human. It is vital to be with each other.