January 31, 2021

Who Is Your Role Model?

Penny Trevlopoulou

Procreate On IPad ProDetermination, 2021

In a time where everyone can become famous and gain followers, finding a role model to look up to, is a very important task. One, however, may wonder, what makes a person ideal to be a role model?

I would say a number of factors, determination being the most important one. People who will not give up, no matter how many times life brings them down. People fighting for what they love and for their dreams to become true. Like a woman fighting for equality. Like a ballet dancer, losing her leg but never giving up on dancing… While drawing this piece, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. This woman’s power made me feel powerful. When even in the darkest of times, her passion gives colour to her every movement. These were my thoughts and feelings whilst making the illustration. I kept it in black and white for all the dark thoughts in my life, adding a splash of colour for every time my determination and passion conquered my fears and insecurities. Thanks to my ideal role model.