June 4, 2020

Who is watching who?

Shirley Kay, 53

Who is watching who? Are we being watched? Who is watching us? Are they watching over us or do we sit back and watch? Covid 19 has increased our sense of being “watched”. We wonder if the government is watching us. Are neighbours and friends watching us? Are we following the isolation rules? How often have we been exercising? Are we two meters away or wearing a mask? Is watching an observation or a judgement? There is the other perspective of “watching”. Are we watching over one another or looking out for one another? Has Covid given us the opportunity to look back on our life and reassess how we will look forward? This is an opportunity for reflection. My mosaic piece incorporates glass which reflects. The colours change as the light changes. It looks different in the morning sun to how it appears in the evening. It’s all about perspective. Every situation is temporary. It’s about growth, togetherness and unity. So instead of watching everyone, let’s watch out for everyone, in a loving and supportive way. Let’s use this time to reflect back and move forward in a healthier way. Let’s learn something positive from this situation.

Reflective Growth, 2020Mosaic30cm x 30cm