February 28, 2019

Who is the most important person in your world?

Jakub Sklar, 29

One of the many virtues in the great Book says “Value others above yourself”. In my country, we have never been true Christians in this regard until the communism taught us the way of prioritising the group over self. Now, wellbeing for everyone is seen to be the motto to live by again, this time declared in a much broader and well-meant context. I don’t consider myself to be a self-centred individual – although I have my moments – yet this is the world I found myself at:

“You should read more Hesse, you’ll learn more about yourself”, a friend told me back then.
“I’m taking a course of self-knowledge”, she mentioned on some occasion.
“I started to see a therapist because I was too giving”, she said her problem was.
“We had to break up so we could have more time for ourselves”.

Has it ever occurred to you that the most used pronoun in advertising is YOU? This piece you are about to read is a playful allegory which has originated from contemplating this theme in an effort to push the limits of grotesque as far as it gets.