October 7, 2019

Who is the Edinburgh Festival/ Fringe actually for?

Paul Pringle, 56

The Festival and Fringe provoke strong emotions in the residents of Edinburgh. For some it’s a source of pride, anticipated and enjoyed, for others a major irritation beyond which it is irrelevant. This group feels mainly resentment and exclusion; ignored and disregarded while others acquire influence and privilege. For a month outside imposters take over, get in the way, then go away again.
But it is complex; human beings like to place all the darkness outside of self. It is easier to blame some other group, real or imagined, for everything that’s wrong in a life, and thereby expiate feelings of shame and powerlessness.
This entry, part of a collection of illustrated short stories drawn from many decades of experience and observation, explores this tension and looks beyond it to the real enemies; alcoholism, isolation, loss of feelings of competence and worth, and ultimately loss of meaning. The arts offer to restore these fundamental human needs, but how do we make them accessible and relevant to those most in need?

Card Boy, 2019illustrated short story