October 13, 2021

Who Is Responsible for an Act of Killing – One Person or an Entire History and Culture?

Aaron Cass

PlayFour Deaths in Idaho, 2021

Grief drives the vengeful, both their own and that still held in the ancestral body for wrongs often long forgotten. The lives we lead are both our own and that of a community whose boundaries we cannot discern – we are stories in the making that begun way back before memory and stretch forward beyond the visible and invisible horizons of our time and place. In seeking to avenge, to relieve our inherited and our self-made pain, we apportion blame, seek out a target and sometimes pull the trigger. At other times another more merciful presence enfolds us – a love child of time and conscious suffering. The creative transformation of loss and grief into beauty and acceptance is one of the keystones of a durable culture. And it’s attainment is no small matter.