January 28, 2020

Who is it that is really moving us?

Katie Fairgrieve, 32

Who is it that’s really moving us? Who is changing this world, what voice are we listening to? Is it the external world of money, celebrities and politics or our internal world that runs through us. An internal world of deep valleys, powerfully and silently carved into our quiet minds showing us who we are and where we have been. History lying deep within us. We can be proud of where we have come from or feel flung and resentful of our murky waters. Can we learn from the past? Did our ancestors do the best with what they had? After all we are all thrown into the world, given our lives without choice. Despite hardships we endure or despite what hand the past has dealt us. What is born out of necessity? What moves our soul? Passion! Art! Music! Poetry! Bravery! And most importantly Kindness! But who is really moving us? You! When you learn to trace the valleys and rivers that are carved in your heart. Then have the bravery to make some new ones.

They throw you!, 2020Poetry