October 21, 2019

Who is going to listen now?

Iona Kewney, 46

‘In a sea of diamond tears
I can see through all the years
If I look into your eyes , I can see the other side.
Let it rise
Let it fall
Sea of sweat drowns us all.
I am shedding skin, as reasons within
glow greater than my outer guise.
Bones will survive me
when emotions burst free.
An aura
all tomorrow
fragile to feel sensations so real.
What thirst of life
vibrations on the run
never ending kingdom come.’ by Iona Kewney

My art works are visualisations of personal theories, mythologies, experiences, physically present throughout my performances and choreography. They are often visceral and figurative, looking from the inside out of body, thoughts and feelings leading to states of surrealism with hyper-realism.
The drawing of the ideas visited transitory through dance that cannot be implemented in performance.
Ghost lines, detail and transformation documented.

There is something seriously wrong if the sea eagle does not return. It is a sign.
The island of waiting, isolation and listening to the silence; to hear everything.
The self looking out hard into the darkness to release all the states that are light, change and vision, questioning the bigger scale of things out there.

'Waiting for the Sea Eagle' (Diptych; Drawing in two parts.), 2018Pencil on paper2m25cm by 1m50cm AND 1m50cm by 1m30cm.