February 5, 2021

Who Is An Individual?

Zahra Jewanjee

Acrylic & Oil On LinenPage-break, 2020

My studio practice responds to the ideas of micro-macro relationships. It looks at how societal dynamics manifest through behavior systems and how these behaviors are visible in nature on every scale.

The current body of work metaphorically looks at a birth of a colony as a container to talk about ideas of borders, separation, and expansion by using symbolic signifiers of bacterial colonies, groups of birds, and chairs to imagine a symbiotic relationship through a nuanced visual vocabulary.

The realized visual language is largely a response to elevating oneself from socially embedded behaviors by imagining collective environments as a means to depict escape from set patterned behaviors breaking all borders and steer oneself from conformity. The fundamental question of who is an individual in relation to a collective encapsulates all the epistemological questions that drive me to paint a visual language that stems from both chance and intention.