October 5, 2019

Who gets what they want?

Kevin Hastie, 50

This song explores the cyclic nature of want; how fulfilling one desire leads to another; and the realisation that want is often driven only by novelty and competition.
I never sat down and decided to write on the topic, but thoughts that have been floating around my head melted together into this.
Particularly recently, as we forget the solidarity formed in the aftermath of earlier wars, when the wealth gap is increasing rapidly, I find people’s drive to want more and more troubling; and I don’t think most people contemplate why they want far more than their needs, and how gaining our wants rarely fulfils us.
The trivial example of curly or straight hair – two opposites – stood out to me as encapsulating the ritualised and cultural differences and, yet, similarities between two nations at opposite sides of the globe. Ultimately, they are the same “want” – to be noticed.

Who Gets What They Want, 2019mp3 / youtube mp4