Can, 2021

Anger. My first emotion when witnessing this litter scene lying amongst the stunning Autumn leaves. A cold can carelessly tossed onto the floor of nature’s natural beauty. ‘Probably some ill-born youth.’ My next guess as I recognise the popular logo of the sweet tasting sports drink. Then again, I could be wrong. I glance around and notice plenty of bins conveniently placed nearby and shake my head at the laziness of the perpetrator- again anger leaning on utter disappointment in the disgrace of humanity. Why this mess? Shouldn’t we be more responsible and better these days in the face of sustaining our already damaged planet? Do people not have any pride or have just given up to hoolaganism? The more I look at the brightly coloured can in the leaves- the more it catches my eye and provokes me more. Maybe it was made not just to be consumed, maybe it was made to be here and now. To be seen this way.