My poem delves into the theme of alcoholism. I was sitting at the bar of one of my local pubs. There weren’t many people in the pub, and it was relatively early in the night but there was a middle-aged woman, who was rather intoxicated. She was slowly dancing, in a world of her own. This made me question why many people – including myself – view alcohol as synonymous with enjoyment and/or use it as an escape from the trials of life. From this, I thought more about addiction and why many people attempt to disregard their struggles as something glamorous…If a bottle could cure you, nobody would ever be hurt again. Most of the poetry I write circles around some form of mental health problems and this one is no exception. Within my poetry, I’ve never directly dealt with the themes of addiction. When writing, I like to constantly challenge myself and experiment with stylings. I’ve always preferred to keep my work open to interpretation so, if it touches you in another manner than my description, let it become what you want. I feel that pigeonholing your artwork is a somewhat selfish thing to do so, even though my work has personal meanings, I leave it to the reader/listener to decide for themselves.