November 21, 2020

Who do you think you are?

Robert Anderson

SongSeems like a different guy, 2020Vast, Circular, Vortex

Me; “Who do I think I am?”

Different Guy; “Who do we think we are??”

Me; “Who the fuck is John Byrne? Davie’s cousin twice removed?”

D. G; “So whit is this? Ur we gaun cap in haun tae folk noo, like a virtual beggars? Hittin’ oot wae high-falutin jargon tae quango beaks?”

Me; “We’re no that glamorous”

D. G; “You dunno if yer comin’ or gaun and if ye dae ye never telt yer dial”

Me; “I’m keepin’ ma cheek in the shade of enlightenment, movin’ backwards, forwards, never side to side, I’m nae crustacean.”

D. G; “Ur ye still tryin’ tae explain colour tae a blind man through the medium of the partially tone deaf?”

Me; “Ahm jist tryin’ tae get by like ibdy else, You’re the Doric Shaman aroon’ here.”

D. G; “Jist whistle?” Me; “I hear we spent the last o’ oor sheckles on snout again”

Different Guy; “Her next door counts how many units go by on her leccy meter tae boil the kettle.”

Me; “Her that sais ah should ‘get a real job’?”

Different Guy; “Naw, her oan the ither side, wur boaxed in.”

Me; “We’re done fir”