Make you question yourself, discover yourself, trying to figure out what you are looking for in life. You cannot predict the future but wonder. I share my father’s Scottish clan, know of my past but I am curious about my future and my next generation. Our worlds are different, I do have all my similarities with my father, but one thing is not, is my Deafness. I was wondering what my life would be like if I am hearing, will I follow my father’s path? Or not?

When I looked at him, his face got a story. There must be more to his face than he could remember, or because of his character, nice and content? I know of his life, but his emotions, do I or will I know what he does feels right this moment. It makes me question about other human being, trying to work it out who are they, where does they come from, where do they lives?


Title: Gavin Hogg on Oligvie

80cm x 60cm

Oil on canvas

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