PhotographyLittle Girl, 2018

This is not a covid-19 photograph. This is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2018. At the time, this photograph shocked me; growing up in a European country, I never had to consider that wearing a mask could be a part of daily life. I realised that pollution, climate change and illness are a global reality, but a daily aspect for some. I remember thinking that no child should have to grow up wearing a mask. Today, this photograph haunts me even more. Today, where 230,000 people have lost their lives to a worldwide virus. Today, where my brother is front lining with the NHS a battle against time. Today, 40 days in lockdown and a mask could save my life. Today, where I’m still infinitely more privileged and luckier than the little girl in the photograph. This photograph shocks me, because it reminds me that everything can change in an instant; your life as you know it, society, the world. This photograph shocks me, because it reminds me that some things are still painfully the same. Who are we when what we take for granted is gone? Who will we choose to be when all of this is over?