September 19, 2018

Who are we on the inside?

David Ford


The infinite search for the inner soul is deep buried within every living conscious being of self awareness that peers into the glimmer of reflection of all that mirrors perception such as a mirror to a puddle. Eternally we search for the inner reflection of our experiences craft onto our spirits’ form, what shapes our inner ego out of the vibrations and frequencies of the universe and it’s patterns that shape us, this work I reflect what my inner ego, my soul, my self reflection of my actions and consciousness. Skin is only a layer, a frequency band over our energies’ true form that is visceral like water or fire, the fluent from that Nebula has in the vastness of space in its pattern and colour and movement. We as living vessels are as much burdened by our vessel as we are gifted through our actions and experiences. We as living vessels are grounded, our soul attached to a hollow vessel, and each of us seek freedom of expression without meaning or judgement but of feeling in the deep vastness of existence of being.

This painting is from my late teenage life when I was starting to discover my inner ego and self reflection through my self expression in my artwork and my life actions at the time.