January 31, 2021

Who Are They?

Yiru Chen

Video/Object: Recycled Yarn, Beads, Switch, Rice Steamer, Paper Box,Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them,

Lockdown made me re-examine the definition of value. Because during this period, I can neither use the studio nor the equipment, nor can I easily buy materials as before.

So I can only focus more on the existing materials around me, such as fruit mesh-bags in the supermarket, recycled plastic bags and waste fabrics. Usually these things are often discarded by people, but they are invaluable when resources are lacking.

As a craftswoman, I processed and transformed these humble materials, and used embroidery, beading and other techniques to give them “value”, just like couture studios do. At the same time, I also pay more attention to the items that are used every day in my place, such as tables and chairs, cartons, switches, electrical appliances, etc.

During normal everyday life before lockdown, we are too accustomed to them and always ignore their importance.

In this special times, I paid special attention to their existence. I combined the previous recycled materials with some of these everyday objects to create some “creatures”, because I know they are all alive and real, and only if you pay attention, you will meet them.