March 15, 2021

Who Are The Biocultural Protectors?

Erin Rizzato Devlin | Emir Rizzato Devlin, 18

Painting, JournalismCàrna, 202130 x 23 cm

Biodiversity and human diversity are inseparable: in our age of ecological crisis, we have become witnesses to the depletion of land and water, the mass extinction of species, the eradication of ancient forests, and an unseen deterioration of human sensibility. As wilderness is playing its final hiding games, making itself harder to be found, biodiversity is disappearing in the dark shadows of our hegemony. With this not only its variety, but also our richness vanishes, as we shrivel to a skeletal wreck of mankind. Nonetheless, humanity is still able to leave something other than its remnants as a sign of hope for a healing soil. Especially in the light of the coming UN convention on Biological Diversity, rescheduled to 2021, it is crucial to rediscover the value of biodiversity and bioculture, as a way to become conscious of our relation to our earth and to other beings. The aesthetic value of these spoils before our eyes may help us to rediscover the inward path towards a moral, and ecological, recovery.