March 6, 2020

Who are my titles for?

Ania Grajek, 36

My work comes with a title, I come with a CV. If I can submit a work ‘untitled’, why must I submit myself with a CV? I’d like to send in this CV: Untitled (title) (no text) Does a CV make the judges feel safer? Can everyone see the artwork when I’m not in the room? Can everyone see this artwork without having seen my previous artwork? I don’t call my life research, I can’t call my art research. I can’t do that to it. What if you’re not interested in spotting connections between things? This work has changing titles, various messages- why should a title be fixed anyway? It represents the possibility to change names. It’s been called ‘anti-MFA’, but here it’s ‘peak PhD’, and next whatever point needs making. If you add up BA+MA+PhD: BA MA + PhD ________ ________ It looks like a heavy hat to wear. For the artist, and the artwork. It could crush a small artwork. What if art left the university and went it alone? Who is the self-taught artist now? Who wants to study this phenomenon? Anyone?

Peak PhD, 2019Stoneware16x7cm