August 25, 2020

Who am I? How do we look at, and thereby, finally, accept ourselves, as we enter the fourth quarter of our lives?

Randy Klinger

Graphite on antique glued papersSelf Portrait 39, 202061cm x 52cm

We all are beautiful, we can reveal aspects of our beauty, but how many of us would freely speak it? In these drawings I find: adventure, curiosity and beauty in myself – as my own muse, and to share this inspiration with others, that they might see themselves, through this ‘newly restored mirror’. The obvious destination of our journey, is Self. The circle begins as a trusting baby, then we set out on our way as seemingly ‘immortal’ young beings. We create profession, family, friendships, always looking outwards, learning how to both belong and individuate – a concretisation of our ego. In the final quarter we complete the circle: arriving again ‘home’. Releasing the bondage of the ‘self’ that we’ve created to facilitate our survival, we now face a certain final-life period, with joy, surprise, or regrets. The body’s changes make it all so clear – we are more than our accomplishments, more than our accumulation, more than the fashioned-self that we have shown the world to improve our chances of survival in a competitive, chaotic world, to compensate for our known and unknown inadequacies….all falling away, like the sullied, golden jewels found beside a body in some ancient tomb.