FilmThree Generations, 2021

Growing up as an immigrant in the United States, I never questioned my loyalty to culture; but the longer we settled away from the Motherland, the more apparent it was that the ties were becoming severed. At the surface level, Three Generations is a piece that takes a look inside the parent-child dynamic of three generations of a Southeast Asian family, specifically, a Filipino family. The First one takes place in a remote village in the islands around the early-mid1900s, the second is in the US around the 1980s, and the third is present day, United States. At the core however, I wanted to portray how the international occupation by the Spanish and the United States both contributed to the erosion of the Malay/Austronesian indigenous roots of the Filipino people (Mulder, 2013); and due to this extensive history as a nation and people group, the ‘evolution’ of language has been used as a way of applying a Postcolonial lens.