April 21, 2021

‘Who Am I?’

Soo Min Kim

My Identity,

Title: KIM 김 金

A collage of works revolving around the idea of national, personal identity and expression. The title is my surname in the three languages I am fluent in. This collage showcased in a 6 part series. It highlights the sense of feeling lost, messed up, internal chaos and turmoil and never feeling a sense of belonging. I am a South Korean who has lived in Singapore my whole life. I always felt suffocated, restricted, confused. My life was too structured and there was no sense of freedom especially in my art practice.

All my friends are Singaporeans, and I am definitely more comfortable with Singapore and Chinese culture. I despised the fact that I was South Korean and used to hate the fact I was fluent in three languages. I used to think that I was a failure especially in communication in those three languages. It took me all these years and I am still trying my very best to accept myself. It is hard for myself to embrace, understand and love myself as I was taught that good grades mean success. Till today, the  fear of failing is instilled in me.

I used mixed materials to add on to the chaos, disarray and disorder. This works fills up an entire room. It consists of more than 100 pieces and it is still ongoing because it is something I would like to and need to understand more about myself. The flag colours, shapes, letters, designs adds on to the whole art and not one dominates. I will end this off by saying. The eye sees through you, and eventually you have to understand and love yourself to move on in life.