Digital InstallationDuality, 2019Screen: 2 x 1.2m; Room: 7x7m

Every issue in our world has several pros and cons, and the conclusion of what is good or evil profoundly varies among individuals and groups. Politics, weather, religion, immigration, to name a few; the same coin always has two sides. My installation explores this phenomenon through a two-channel projection on a semi-transparent screen, around which visitors can walk and literally “take a stand,” as each side of the screen portrays a different attitude.
All visuals are in black and white, to represent the contrast of light and darkness. The projections partially merge on the screen and complement each other. While the visitors can choose a side, it is impossible to entirely escape the other one – similarly as the voices of opposition are being heard whether we like them or not. The two projections mix animated symbols and drawings representing the issues, real-time generated abstract graphics, and a live video feed from a camera capturing the visitors.
The installation is accompanied by surround sound, consisting of a subtle drone and granular synthesis of multiple short poems I wrote reflecting on the topics portrayed in the work. The tracks aren’t synced, so each loop produces a unique combination.