Dance. The mental, physical body.Back Regent, 2014

A visceral, physical experience; a journey of survival and euphoria.
With my idiosyncratic movement, i dive unforgiving to the edges of belief and fragility, will and emotion. In wild physical abandon, detail and fierce broken control, venturing through realism and surrealism in the dance of humanity. The un-dance, the dance of being human with all its wonders, ills, failures and contradictions. Listening to deep routed primeval and inner visions, movement emanates from eyes that see inside and eyes that see Outside. A haunting revelation of the soul playing with the regal and the dirt.
I move the quiet landscape of the heart; the physical vision of unspoken words that takes the body to limits and renewal in relentless belief and the urgency of Now. Reaching places of surrender, higher ‘states’ of being, methods of madness, control and disorder through dance, inner visions and contortions to become ‘the other’. A euphoric song of the soul rises in pure vision. The totality of hearing the atmosphere in which we live, calling upon the body’s instinct to act. The warnings, turbulence in state of change, lost and projected in electric vibration and resonance. Where are we going…
Riding on the hunt.