April 28, 2020

Where will I find hope?

Jill Ashforth, 55

Lock Down Walk was a personal response to my need to find hope in the midst of a pandemic. Life before Covid-19 had been difficult. I am bipolar and had a relapse a few years ago. I lost my sense of hope, and feeling unloved and unloveable, I became overwhelmed by depression. I began to recover, however,as I discovered film making and used my art to help me heal. I started to notice beauty around me and responded to it by making video poems to celebrate the beautiful nature of the common place and the mundane. With time, understanding and acceptance I realised that I had regained my faith and hope for the future. Mindful pleasures could be found in every day experiences. My Lock Down Walk celebrates the intense pleasures to be experienced in nature. I explore the rush of excitement as I take in the sights, sounds and smells of blossom, sunlight and birdsong hidden in a tiny, green oasis within a city centre. It brings me hope that buoys me up in my lonely isolation. I can find hope in the beauty of nature, often overlooked or taken for granted but which is in fact indispensable.

Lock Down Walk, 2020Video poem