Acrylic and Oils.First Steps, 202130x40cm

This is a study of my daughter’s first shoes. They are probably very similar in style to my own first shoes, despite the 32-year age difference between us. Clarks classics. But the steps she takes in her life will undoubtedly be very different to mine. She might end up still working until I reach the grand old age of 100 (if I’m lucky). How can we even begin to imagine what the world will look like then? So many aspects of her future life haven’t even been invented yet. The pandemic has shown us that the world can change in a mere matter of months. I cannot imagine how much it will have changed by the time my daughter reaches old age. Who knows what will count as ‘old age’ by then? How can we prepare our children to take steps into a world we have no concept of? With so many advances in technology, my daughter will soon be able to teach me new things and that’s okay. But what should I be striving to teach her, to prepare her for this unknown future? And will her own daughter (if she has one) wear similar shoes?