Mixture of inks, chalk pastels, papier mache, graphite. PVA glue, Yarn.Restoration Pieces, 2019Variety of scales from A6 to A2

My father fell ill during my art degree course and when he died I lost enthusiasm for art. When I moved to Glasgow a new friend noticed the remnants of those days and encouraged me to take up drawing each day as a way of coping with my poor mental health. I chose self portrait as the model was inexpensive and frequently available. At first my drawings were pretty bad. I was out of practice and staring into a mirror in the small hours under what modern electric light bulbs had to offer created quite an intense starkness. But it was a visual journal of both my progress with relearning my drawing skills but also getting through the day. Around March I tore up all the portraits I had made at that point I used the fragments for collage and sculptural pieces and drew the results. I also resumed lino printing. What I hope to show is that the act of making can have a cleansing effect. Some of the pieces look bleak and stark but that is me peeling those moods and trapping in the medium. hopefully people viewing them will be driven to expression rather than despair.