October 31, 2019

Where should Poet Tree be?

Fraser McKechnie

StonePoet Tree,

Poetry has Power and is a force for the good in this World. It brings people together and is an accessible medium for everyone. Words can be read, written, spoken, sang and listened to. Scotland has always had more than its fair share of poets but where are they? The Spoken Word scene is today very healthy and crosses generations and genres. I enjoy words and like playing with them. I go along to spoken word events and they are always interesting…But!
I would like poetry, storytelling and colourful conversation firmly planted and shared more in the public domain.Poet Tree is a project that I’d like to see take root in parks and gardens across our towns and cities, kinda like a Scottish Poets Corner but more organic, it would also provide additional focus for a Celebration of our Trees. Poets could gather at the Giant Oak or the Ancient Yew or The Silvery Birch. The stone in the picture is unfinished, the joy in the making has still to be shared, over 100 people have so far contributed to the carving of this marker.