November 27, 2018

Where is your ocean?

Amber Brown


This series looks at the notion of home and its silver linings. It documents my hometown of Amble, Northumberland which is a known, small fishing port, whilst contemplating the journeys made on water throughout history, a notion of preciousness and why we should take care of our oceans. The silver leaf relates not only to the silver lining of a memory but also because the sea holds vast quantities of silver that we cannot fully extract. This industry is highly nostalgic and preciously valuable to me, the work looks deeply into the environment and the sea’s status.

The work aims to be contemplative for the viewer, where each has their own related thought process and links of place. I then played upon creating a persona with a distinct relationship and process to the work – the hand which takes, produces the image then paints the image.


10×10 print, framed in 12×12 black box frame.
Scanned medium format negative printed onto fibre gloss paper. Silver leaf and adhesive size.