June 24, 2020

Where is your happy place?

Chloe Ireland, 28

We are suddenly living in a world where we are dampened by rules, guidelines and emotions we’ve not experienced before. We are weighted. It is easy to become unmotivated and difficult to break cycles. This is my painting of my happy place. Dinan, a beautiful medieval town in France. A memory so strong that I could smell the freshly baked baguettes and the distinct smell of rain through the heat from the sun as I painted it. Big thick wooden beams climb the beautifully kept buildings, every street is littered with quirky bespoke market stalls or small shops. Art is everywhere here. As an adult, it’s a dream to revisit. I thought I’d try painting in greyscale. I didn’t want to take away the colour completely as the town itself is a work of art. However, I wanted to capture everything. I wanted every highlight to be noticeable, I want people to see what I see, to come with me to my happy place. During these trying times, it is so important to connect with your creative, go to your happy place. Paint it, draw it, create your idea of paradise.

Dinan, France, 2019Acrylic paint on Canvas