February 1, 2019

Where is this loop taking us to?

Donata Vezzato, 25

LOOP is a live art multimedia performance consisting of a series of looped sequences. It offers a playfully satirical space wherein to reflect upon climate change and global warming. A multimedia text, engaging with several videos and screens on stage, LOOP opens with a breath. What follows is structured to a climax from the gently comical to the viscerally shocking. The growth of the loop, the images appearing on the screens echo the ones on stage through an approach of variation, opposition and annulment. The idea is that the loop is an ever-changing movement that varies in response to our input. This implication aims to reinforce the idea that repetitions eventually lead to transformation, and our rituals have a significant impact on modifying this loop. It is up to us to decide how to vary the loop. LOOP is an ever expanding reading of potential messages that aims to stimulate reflection towards our role in the mutations of our lives and environment. LOOP invites the viewer to question what is their role in the cycle of nature, and where their human impact is leading this loop to.


Video of a multimedia live art performance


My name is Donata Vezzato, and I am a Glasgow-based multimedia performance artist. I work with moving image and performance, involving visual arts and video content that I film and edit independently. Repetitions and loops are at the core of my art, and I identify them as the signature of my work. I mostly combine live art with video installation to engage with the themes of cycle, routine and rituality as related to our identity and social environment. My work aims to challenge the spectators to question those social conventions of our ordinary life that define our living, our surroundings and self-perception.