January 31, 2020

Where is the love?

Gordon Holmes

Where is the love?,

Because it’s cold outside, I see homeless, cold, destitute people. I think of the real, raw experience that I lived – I was homeless as a child – my adoption broke up and I ended up on the street. No 16-year-old should have to sleep in a warehouse and cry themselves to sleep. Thinking ‘why does naebody love me?’ ‘what have I done wrong to get here?’ Predatory landlords and drug dealers seeking out the young and vulnerable. I used newspapers because newspaper withers. The idea to tie newspaper round your body, inside your clothes to stop the wind biting through, comes from a place of suffering. The survivalist is the artist, and vice versa. When you’re on the streets, your passion withers like newspaper. The artwork shows a simple ability to create something from nothing. This is needed on the street. My ability to create is the gift I have, to get away from poverty. The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is asking how kids in care were let down in the past. But young people are still on the streets. Still cold, scared and being preyed on. Why are we still being failed?