September 11, 2018

Where is the line between the real and the imaginary?

Liliya Nikolova


The objectively real world is considered to be the one we traverse in our waking lives. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. We tend to forget that such a thing as reality doesn’t actually exist, regardless of the collective consciousness we experience. Every day (and night) we remain in a dual state of existence- in the parallel worlds of the real and the imaginary within our minds and souls. By collectively dreaming up the surrounding world, we create a space where each and every one of us can comfortably be completely isolated in our own. In this case, does it matter if we lie to someone, in order to sustain their own subconscious world? Do we have the right to disturb the balance of someone else’s imaginary state just for the sake of our own? Perhaps this is one way of truly connecting with others- allowing them to exist within their dreams without the burden of our own. In this act lies the edge between real and imaginary, and the only ones who actually know where it is are the ones who crossed it.