October 31, 2019

Where is society heading to?

Pablo Carrion Delgado

Silver, bronze, copper and wood.Giratutona, 201921 x 29 x 24 cm

As one of many immigrants that came to the UK exhausted by the politico-economical situation in their country, the proximity of Brexit and it’s uncertainty made me think about leaving Scotland, my new home since years ago. Facing this possibility I found myself looking over Spanish history and how its society and culture has been configured, trying to find explanations and similarities with other cultures in general but the British one in particular. For this, I use symbology and iconography related to religion and monarchy, their relation and influence in both societies, their politics, economics and culture as the elements that configure a society.
My artwork is drawn from human behaviour, the way this is configured; how evolves, grows and changes, our relationship with the natural environment as if it was something external to us, and how this alienates humans from nature.
This sculpture is presented as an example of the uncertainty that modern society is living nowadays around the world. With the representation of a dystopian scene that mirrors the decadence of society, aiming to bring up questions about alternatives and to provoke in the viewer a desire for change.