January 30, 2019

Where is our true-self?

Robert Hannah, 19

I tried to capture this weird feeling I was having whilst in the transition between high school and university. The feeling of taking your life into your own hands and realising that you have no idea what to do with it. The overall feeling of wanting to do well and be happy but having no idea of how to achieve it. I now think of this feeling as a type of mental pressure, which will either push us to aim high or make us accept mediocre opportunities due to the fear of risk and failure.

Whilst on a walk I noticed the presumably easy life of the wildlife around me and started to wonder if life would be more fulfilling and euphoric if there was overall less opportunity and less pressure to do well. In the video I tried to show the contrast between human and animal lifestyle and how knowledge of greater things can make you feel insignificant and futile, something animals may not experience.


You feel it too?