October 24, 2019

Where is our disconnection from the natural environment leading?

Judith Parrott, 59

Displacement of people from their land; loss of ancient knowledge connecting people to the land, and a resultant distancing of people from that landscape: The new values of contemporary society are mirrored in buildings that turn their backs on the environment and, windowless, direct us inwards to consume and connect with what is sold within.
Cumulative disconnection from each other and the land even allows us to foster a contemporary virtual world. We are now so far removed from the physical plane that we no longer respect and care for that land on which we depend. It is a world where a blackberry and apple refer to digital devices, when once the names of bushes and shrubs were letters in a Gaelic alphabet and the land was central to everyday life.
As in the words of Celtic warrior hero Cuchulain after killing his own son, “I am a Raven that has no home”. So, in the photograph, a symbolic crow lands on the barren shopping centre roof.
As human beings with an intrinsic drive to connect, we are seeking out those lost connections in all the wrong places, driven to self-destruct unless we can stop to connect in other ways.

Palpable, Digital Photograph