Wood"Scream", 201928x20x10 cm

The dominant subject of my artworks through my art career is everything that relates to human beings. It include humans physicality, fleshiness as well as  the inside. I have asked myself many times how our life will look like in the future. If we as a species will manage to survive. The changes happen so fast, it’s hard to keep up. I’m very exited about developments of technology and AI. However I’m also concerned about danger it may bring. It becomes more clear for me that there is a lack of interest and enthusiasm for developing deeper connections with other people. In our busy lives there’s no place for discovering ourselves and live meaningful life. The wooden sculpture of a head I’m presenting here touch the subject. The cracks represents disintegration of values. The cracks distort the face. Because it is wood, over time there will be more more of them and in one point the head may break in to pieces. May or may not. I’m hoping to provoke the viewer to contemplate on the subject. At the same time I don’t want impose too much on the viewer, on how to interpret this piece.