October 9, 2019

Where Does Your Country Live?

Tomhorst Quoonze

EssayWho Rules Our Deep?, 2019

We often call them our home. But are countries still the gracious hosts we hoped for? Or has rhetoric overtaken respect on their road to international ambition?

This essay aims to take a fresh look at the place we think we know best. At the politicised collective of human ideals that today shapes our lives like no other. But to what extent? And to whose gain? Are we still free to believe, or simply trapped inside someone’s glossy agenda?
When I returned to Scotland in 2017 after a long spell abroad, answers rushed in at last. My answers. Not “the” answers. Shared here to join the evolving wider discussion which I feel privileged to be part of again.

We’re in charge, it seems, yet so often powerless. Disoriented. Even lost. Who then rules our deep, way beneath the tip of each mighty iceberg? With no less than everyone’s future at stake, I think we deserve to know.