March 29, 2020

Where does the wild live?

Sophie Kromholz, 31

During the Covid-19 outbreak I’ve been doing a daily Braw Beastie illustration and sending these to friends and loved ones. There is tenderness in sending something tactile, and a little wild, to infiltrate their urban homes. As a third culture kid, with an American mother, Polish father, and childhood spent in the Netherlands, I am interested in concepts of belonging. Scotland has become home during the past decade – I belong to Glasgow. These streets call to me just as they do to the foxes. As an immigrant and millennial, I am pushed to explore and redefine what it means to survive and thrive. With the Braw Beastie Series, the more that I look at these creatures and explore their lines and movement, the more I notice how human they are – the mensch in the animal. But it flips so easily. The wild is also still present in all of us. Coded and woven in our most basic drives and everyday feelings. When I tease it out, I realize I am the Braw Beastie. Somewhere between wild and domesticated. The Pine Marten, one of my latest beasties, has had a revival in Scotland in recent years, rewilding the landscape.

Daily Braw Beastie Series: A wee pine marten for Lyra’s wild heart, 2020Paper and drawing inksA5