October 15, 2021

Where Does the Feeling of Meaninglessness Come from?

Tsuki Liang

Oil on CanvasesCorner, 202145.7*61cm *3 panels

An emerging artist who currently living and working in the UK. Mainly focusing on the exploration of life. Heavily influenced by philosophy or psychology ideas. Through the years, the topic has developed from investigating the sentimental and sensibility side of human beings in today’s society, to seeking for the meaning of life: the realisation of “what are we living for?” decides our path and allows individuals to live sincerely for themselves without regrets.

Interested in conveying emotions and ideas through dramatic, but still realistic set up. Focusing on story telling by resonating with audiences’ emotion. [Complementary poetry] Emotions that I feel are real, but I can’t describe them with words properly. Thoughts that I understand are deep, but I’m unable to describe them with words completely. Things work in their own way, the same as me: my mind, my impulse, my instinct…… I think I’m a bit tired. I want to lie on the floor like I have died already. I want to blend into the light with the rest of everything. Corner, corner. You are ordinary just like me. Corner, corner. You are my marvellous Muse. 不可言, 不可说 (Ineffable)。 Let me turn off the light. And shh.