April 21, 2020

Where does music belong?

Ruairidh Gollan

Music videoRinn M’Eudail mo Mhealladh, 2020

Music connects us with the past. It links us with traditions and ultimately what we know (and sometimes don’t know). It is translucent and timeless, present, yet stuck within boundary’s we have created: memories we have lived and experienced. Every piece of music, even those written hundreds of years ago, belongs to several time frames because of those who have listened, recorded and played it. Where and when it is first discovered by each individual, determines where it sits within their past. It is frozen to that place, person or story. A relative, a landscape, a road or even a tree. Music will forever be defined by people. After all, it is almost always created by us. No matter if it liked or disliked, it will either be forgotten or ingrained in our history. Sometimes a personal history and if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending how you look at it), a published worldwide history. Some of us who listen to and create music, do it for a living, whilst some just do it for the sheer joy it encompasses. However, one thing is for certain, it belongs to everyone, everywhere and every time.