May 20, 2020

Where does magic meet nature?

Catherine Watson, 29

Nowhere encapsulates the magic and whimsy of Scotland quite like the Isle of Skye, in particular, the Fairy Pools. In this piece, I explored the process of creating moving water as an illusion, representaive of the way in which magic runs through our lives and within the mundane, often overlooked, natural landscape. The use of colour is indicitive to how we percieve the world, not merely as blocks and visions, but as layered, textured reality. The grass is never just green, the sky is never just blue and the water is never just clear. Each aspect of nature is built up over time with multiple, complex elements that intricately flow together with the inner most corners of our soul. Magic does not merely meet nature, but it encapsulates it, it flows throughout it with precise dedication and complex imagery. This message is important during a time where people are drawn indoors, away from nature, and into the land of fiction for their magical outlets. It is time we brought our focus back to the magic of the world and the importance of nature to the human condition.

The Fairy Pools, 2019Oil paint, acrylic paint45 cm x 76cm